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What is an OtterReg Agent?

Very simply, it is anyone who introduces a company to OtterReg. 


Anyone can sign up as an  OtterReg agent, it costs you nothing, but the returns can be huge.


The process is as follows:


1.        Signup as an  OtterReg user if you haven't done already.

2.        Go to the Agent's page and sign up.

3.        You will be given a unique Agent's Code.

4.        Introduce   OtterReg to companies who would benefit from increasing the number of their customers who register their products after purchasing them and/or need a better, more effective way to alert their customers of product defects.

5.        Give that company your unique Agent Code to enter when they join  OtterReg.

6.        Sit back and earn commission every month from any income received from that company.

What if I already have a full time job?

That does not matter.  You will not be actually employed by  OtterReg  and you can carry on working your normal day to day job.

This will simply give you an extra monthly income even if you only introduce one company.

Do I have to have an interview?

No.  Simply sign up with us, we will give you a unique Agent's code and when a company joins OtterReg, 
you will get a commission on every customer of their's when they register a product using OtterReg.  
The more companies you introduce, the larger the monthly commission that you will earn.

Do I have to commit to working a minimum number of hours?

No.  As mentioned previously, this should not interrupt with your normal day to day job.  It is up to you how much time you wish to dedicate to promoting  OtterReg.  

If you actually work for the company that you introduce to OtterReg, you will still receive commission for all their registrations.

How does the commission work?

There are actually two sources of commission. 

  • The first from any companies that you sign up.  
  • The second is that if you sign up other agents, you will get a commission from their company introductions.  

If they sign up agent's you get a commission from them as well.  

There is no limit to how far down the list of signed up agents you can go!!

How do I get paid?

On your copy of OtterReg, you will have a section where you enter your unique Agent's code.  

This will then show you the live amount that you are due and this will be paid monthly directly into your nominated bank account.

What happens to my commission should I pass away?

In the unfortunate event that you should pass away, the commission would continue to be paid to the person of your choice.

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